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Our pharmacist helps to ensure safe and effective treatment through interdisciplinary medication management with your care team. Medication preparation and dispensing services at Community Memorial Hospital are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to patients staying within our facility. Your medications are carefully evaluated by a pharmacist for correct dosing, route, indication and duration. Side effects and potential interactions with other medications are also evaluated to ensure safety.
Heather Caton, Pharm D, BCGP

Heather Caton, Pharm D, BCGP

Director of Pharmacy/Clinical Pharmacist

ePharmacy Services

Avera ePharmacy services provides Telepharmacy coverage for patients within our facility during after-hours. This innovative technology helps to ensure continuity of care through the same evaluation of your medications while a pharmacist is not physically on site.

Speech Therapy

  • CVA/Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Swallowing Studies
  • Cognitive Deficits
  • Dyspha

Anticoagulation Clinic Services

The Redfield Anticoagulation Clinic, led by Alyssa Osborn Howard, Pharm.D., provides care for patients on anticoagulant medication. This program requires only a finger prick to determine a patient’s INR value. With a Clinical Pharmacist leading the program, the manipulation of your medication is handled with expertise.

CMH Pharmacy Services

  • In-house medication review, dosing and consultation
  • In-house medication consultation during traumas/emergent situations
  • Antibiotic consultation
  • Anticoagulant teaching
  • Redfield Anticoagulation Clinic services