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Redfield Alerts:

Health Information Management

Medical Records Department  

The mission of the Health Information Management Services Department of Community Memorial Hospital Avera is to maintain clear and complete medical records. Maintaining confidentiality is the first priority of the Medical Records Department here at Community Memorial Hospital.  Our dedication to privacy extends beyond our doctors and nurses to include everyone employed in our healthcare family.  We want you to feel safe knowing your personal and medical information is protected. We recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to excellence.

Release of Information

Please use the above release of information or feel free to contact us to request copies of medical records at:

Community Memorial Hospital Avera
Health Information Management Department
PO Box 420
Redfield, SD 57469
Phone: 605-475-7420 or 605-475-7421

Notice of Privacy Practices

We are committed to providing excellent patient care.  We currently offer a variety of services, including transcription, diagnosis coding and release of information.  We also offer an electronic medical record which allows other providers within the Avera network to view patient records in real time, ensuring great continuity of care.

Living Wills & Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA)

Having one of these documents on file, makes things easier when critical decisions need to be made on behalf of the patient, based on the patient’s wishes.

A Living Will is an important way to communicate to the patient and family members, the patients’ wishes.  Making decisions can be hard, so with a Living Will in place, you help ease the responsibility put on family members & ensure that your wishes are followed.  Living Wills are easy to fill out & can be changed anytime the patient chooses to do so.  Once filled out, all Avera hospitals will have access to view your Living Will so they will also know what your wishes as a patient are.

Durable Power of Attorney papers (DPOA’s) are an easy way to let your healthcare team know who to contact, & make decisions on your behalf.  DPOA’s are easy to fill out and can be changed at any time should the patient wish to do so.  Once filled out, all Avera hospitals will have access to view & see your DPOA papers which will make it easier for them to know who to contact on your behalf.

Avera Patient Portal

AveraChart, also known as Patient Portal, is another great service we offer to you as a patient.  Patient Portal is a free, easy and secure way for you to access your health care information, communicate with your care team and become a more active partner in you heath care.


You may reach the Medical Records Department by calling (605) 475-7420, (605) 475-7421 or (605) 475-7422.  You may also reach us via fax at (605) 472-0905.

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