Health Unit Coordinator

Job Summary:

Provides clerical services to the nursing unit.  Serves as a liaison for the nurse and patient in interdepartmental communications.  Functions in public relations role as receptionist.  May assist in nursing care under the direction of the RN caring for that patient.

Position Accountable to: Director of Nursing

Demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth and development and possesses the ability to respond to specific issues and data reflective of the patient/customer’s status.  Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care for the population served in the department.

Birth – 1 yr               1 – 11 yrs          12 – 17 yrs        18 – 65 yrs        over 65 yrs

_X_                            _X_                   _X_                  _X_                     _X_

Infancy                     Pediatrics          Adolescent       Adulthood            Geriatric

Essential Job Functions:

  • Demonstrates proficient skills in multiple modules of the Client Server system
  • Demonstrates proficient skills in the use of medical terminology
  • Demonstrates use of photocopier, fax machine, paging system, telephone, laser printer, patient call system, electronic scanner, ambulance radio, patient security systems.
  • Facilitates and maintains effective communications with nursing and medical staff, other departments, visitors and patients using AIDET principles.
  • Demonstrates ability to effectively manage multiple tasks at one time.
  • Displays exceptional customer service skills.

Responsibilities, Expectations & Standards:

  • Commitment to the daily application of CMH’s mission, vision, and core values to serve patients, their families, and our community.
  • Promote CMH’s values
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Work effectively in a team environment, coordinating work flow with other team members and ensuring a productive and efficient environment.
  • Comply with safety principles, laws, regulations and standards associated with, but not limited to CMS, OSHA.

Essential Physical Demands:

Lifting-floor(0-25″): 0-5#                        Grasping light: 0-3 hrs/day

Lifting-knee to waist: 0-5#                      Grasping firm: 0-3 hrs/day

Lifting-waist-shldr: 0-10#                        Rep.use-foot: 0-3 hr/day

Lifting-overhead: 0-5#                             Dominant hand: 0-3 hr/day

Transfers: SBA                                        Non-dominant hand: 0-3 hr/day

Carrying: 0-5#                                          Bilateral hands: 0-3 hr/day

Pushing: 0-35#                                        Far acuity: 0-3 hr/day

Pulling: 0-35#                                          Near acuity: 5-8 hr/day

Sitting: 3-5 hr/day                                   Depth perception: 0-3 hr/day

Standing: 0-3 hr/day                                Field of vision: 5-8 hr/day

Walking: 0-3 hr/day                                 Accommodation: 3-5 hr/day

Balancing: 0-3 hr/day                              Distinguish color: 0-3 hr/day

Squatting: 0-3 hr/day                               Feeling: 0-3 hr/day

Rep.use-neck: 0-3 hr/day                         Hearing: 5-8 hr/day

Forward Bend: 0-3 hr/day                        Reaching Forward: 0-3 hr/day

Reaching overhead: 0-3 hr/day

Work Environment:

Works inside.  Works with and around others.  Has verbal face to face contact with others.  Exposure to blood and body fluids, airborne pathogens, hazardous waste and chemicals, communicable disease, moving objects, high places, slippery surfaces, minimal exposure to radiation, electric, and/or mechanical equipment.

Equipment Used to Perform Job:

___      Infusion Pump(S)          _X_     Computers                   ___      Beds and Transport Systems

___      K-Packs                         _X_     Pagers                           ___      Walker

___      Glucometer                    _X_     Telephone                    ___      Heating/Cooling Blanket

___      B/P Equipment              _X_     Photocopier                  ___      Bear Hugger

___      Otocopes                       _X_     Fax Machine                 ___      Endoscopy Equipment

___      Opthalmoscope              _X_     Ambulance radio          ___      Orthopedic Equipment

___      Oximeter                       _X_     TV/VCR                       ___      Dialysis Equipment

___      Alcosensor                     ___      Electronic Games         ___      Labor & Delivery


___      Defibrillator                  ___      EMS Radio                   ___      Nursery Equipment

___      Pacemakers                    ___      Lifts (Hoyer/EZ)           ___      Automated Medication

Monitors Dispensing Machine

___      Cardiac/Telemetry        ___      Wound Vac                   ___      Airboots/Splints

___      Cast Cutters                   ___      Invasive/Noninvasive    ___      Suction (Wall/Gomco)

___      Apnea Monitor              ___      Pressure Monitors

___      Scales                           ___      Radiant Heat Warmer


Mental Requirements:

___      Reading, simple             _X_     spatial                           _X_     tending

_X_     reading, complex           _X_     form                              ___      precision working

_X_     writing, simple              _X_     clerical                          _X_     follow instructions

___      Writing, complex          _X_     compiling                     _X_     influence others

_X_     math skills, simple        _X_     coordinating                 _X_     time requirement

_X_     math skills, complex     ___      synthesizing                 _X_     memorization

___      tasks, simple                ___      supervising                   _X_     problem solving

_X_     tasks, complex              _X_     instructing                     _X_     independent judgment

___      driving                                                                           _X_     decision making


Potential Job Stressors:

Work may be performed under pressure requiring close attention to detail. Environmental stimuli overload. Staffing and census fluctuations. Potential exposure to anger, fear, hostility, or violence of others.


High school diploma or equivalent preferred.


___     BLS (Basic Life Support)


Experience in health related occupation desirable.

Skills, Knowledge, & Abilities

Works directly under supervision of RN on duty. Performs assigned duties as delegated. Follows established nursing procedures. Seeks guidance when in doubt. Reports pertinent information to RN. Emotional stability and adaptability to meet demands of the situation is essential. Constant exposure to medical and personal information requires confidentiality. Responsible for own actions. May be required to float to other inpatient units as requested by management for staffing support.


Works varied shifts including weekend and holiday rotation. Works up to 12 hour shifts.

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