Emergency Medical Technician

Job Summary: To provide quality emergency medical service in a rapid, safe, efficient manner to all patients requesting our services. EMT’s must live in Redfield or stay in town when on call.

Essential Job Functions:

  • To maintain current certification and/or licensures as required for your level of training
  • To be familiar with the operation of the equipment and vehicles you will be working with
  • To be able to provide at the minimum, BLS service
  • To maintain patient confidentiality
  • To be able to work as a team with your partner and outside services; i.e. fire departments, law enforcement, disaster teams
  • To be able to provide safe, efficient, quality medical care in extreme conditions
  • Must live in Redfield or stay in town when on call

Marginal Job Functions:

  • Accurately filling out trip reports
  • Fueling and restocking after runs
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the ambulance

Essential Physical Demands:

  • Lifting is a requirement of this position. Must be able to lift safely at least 70 lbs. Sometimes much more
  • Must be able to be awakened at all hours and respond quickly and safely

Work Environment: Ranges from safe, warm environment to any extreme condition. Personal safety is stressed at all times

Equipment Used to Perform Job: Equipment is provided in our ambulances. Must be familiar with the equipment used at your particular level of training

 Mental Requirements:

☐ Reading, simple                               ☐ Spatial                                 ☐ Tending

☒ Reading, complex                            ☐ Form                                   ☒ Precision working

☐ Writing, simple                                ☐ Clerical                               ☒ Follow instructions

☒ Writing, complex                             ☐ Compiling                           ☒ Influence others

☒ Math skills, simple                           ☒ Coordinating                        ☒ Time requirement

☐ Math skills, complex                        ☒ Analyzing                            ☒ Memorization

☐ Tasks, simple                                   ☐ Synthesizing                        ☒ Problem solving

☒ Tasks, complex                                ☐ Supervising                         ☒ Independent judgment

☒ Driving                                            ☒ Instructing                           ☒ Decision making

Potential Job Stressors:

  • Time, close working conditions, maintaining certifications, working with patients that are ill, intoxicated, high, abusive, threatening, dying, or other conditions and these could be family members.
  • Missing family functions


  • Minimum of EMT-B Certification


  • Preferred

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