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Our Purpose:

We, the members of the Community Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, are to enhance and support, through volunteer efforts, the quality of services given for the comfort, care, and well-being of Community Memorial Hospital patients and the related needs of their families, visitors, staff, and community.

History of the Auxiliary:

The first meeting of the Community Memorial Hospital Ladies Auxiliary was held on February 13, 1951 at the Hospital. The organization began with the enrollment of 45 women. Those present opened each meeting giving the pledge of allegiance to the flag of our country followed by reading in unison of “The Auxiliary Prayer”.

The first thought of the Auxiliary members as they looked at the task before them in 1951, was that they needed more members to accomplish all the tasks that loomed before them and so several membership drives were conducted in the first several years until September 1956. At that time the Auxiliary showed a membership of 432 members. With so many members, the Auxiliary was divided into Committees and each had a Chairman and a task to do. A Fund Raising Committee, with the support of the members, did many things to raise money during those early years.

A Sewing Committee was formed with the members doing regular mending at the hospital, plus making terry cloth slippers and robes for children, adult robes, slippers, pajamas and patient bibs.

There was a group led by Mrs. Clinton (Darlene) Dykstra, the Redfield School Nurse, that sponsored the Future Nurses Club in the early years. Some of the Auxiliary members served as “pink lady” volunteers, having also sewed their smocks. These first years were busy, productive years at the Hospital and the Auxiliary kept up with the needs.

The Auxiliary met for their regular meetings in various place over the years.

Membership in the Community Memorial Hospital Auxiliary has always fluctuated – from the high in the three hundreds, to 120 in the 1980’s and 1990’s – now it is at about sixty with an attendance at meetings of between twelve and fifteen

Auxiliary's Prayer

Loving God,

Bless us, we pray in our various endeavors in the Hospital and Clinic in which we strive to bring comfort and hope to all who are in distress of mind, body and spirit.

Guide us so that we may use the privilege given to us to help the aged, the ill, and the very young with generosity, with discretion and with gentleness.

Grant us both wisdom and humility in directing our united efforts as we care for others.


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Auxiliary Activities:

The Auxiliary sponsors at least one major Fund Raiser a year to help support the hospital and clinic. In recent years the Auxiliary has held a Fall Craft/Vendor Fair in October with the proceeds going to the Redfield Community Memorial Hospital and Redfield Clinic.  This year’s CMH Auxiliary Craft Fair will be held on October October 26th, 2024 at the Armory in Redfield, SD.

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CMH Auxiliary Sponsors Health Care Scholarship Program

The CMH Auxiliary Scholarship in being made available to Spink County HS Seniors who will be attending a post-secondary institution in the Healthcare Field. Applications are due in March, 2024.

auxillary ladies with 2 wheelchairs

Raising Money For Wheelchairs

Members of the CMH Auxiliary spent time selling tickets to raise money for new wheelchairs for Community Memorial Hospital & Redfield Clinic. While several members contributed to selling tickets, only a few were able to join in presenting these wonderful chairs to Karen Sjurseth, CEO and Jenna Dawson, Clinic Director. We want to thank each CMH Auxiliary Member, every person that bought a ticket or donated money to our cause, and to those that donated items towards the package that was being raffled. We are so blessed to live in the generous community that we do.

New Members Are Always Welcome!

Contact Jessica Muellenberg at Community Memorial Hospital: 475-7402 for information to become an Auxiliary Member.

                               Jessica Muellenberg

Jessica Muellenberg

Executive Director