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March – Colon Cancer Awareness month-call the Redfield Clinic for an appointment

Friday, February 28, 2020

Everyone Can Join the Fight Against Cancer:

March is Colon Cancer Awareness month

March signals the end of winter (we hope), but we also remember to consider colon cancer awareness. We do so with this hope: to reduce the sad statistic that more than 50,000 Americans will die of colorectal cancer this year.

Avera and their affiliates aim to reduce this number by collaborating with every person in every community. We hope you and those you love will join us – we all can fight cancer if we take ownership of those things each of us can control. Our team at Community Memorial Hospital and Redfield Clinic can help you understand the facts and schedule recommended exams. Then we can together form a partnership plan to cut down cancer risks you or your loved ones might have.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • The gold standard: Colonoscopy is called the gold standard because it’s so effective – it not only can detect internal growths, or polyps, that might become cancer, it can remove them. If you’re 50, or approaching that age, schedule your exam by calling your provider, or call us at (number best to call for this exam goes here) and we can help answer your questions. If you’re older than 50 and have not had this exam yet, please call us today.
  • Family history: Some people who are younger than 50 and have a family history of colorectal cancer should have this important exam earlier. If you’re not sure of your family’s history, talk to your parents or grandparents and then talk with your provider. He or she can guide you in making the right decisions – decisions that could be life-saving.
  • What we do, how we eat: Small changes in the amount of activity we do (we all likely need more) and the way we eat (more whole foods, less processed ones and moderation in all things) will add up over time to reduce the risk of getting colon cancer as well as other types of cancer. Knowing the best choices, such as getting the fiber, nutrients and variety your body needs, are things our nutrition team can help you with – you can call them for appointments at the Redfield Clinic @ 605-472-0510 to have that conversation with your primary care provider.

The last thing each of us can do is communicate with our friends and family members. Sometimes a simple conversation that shows someone how much we love them can be the spark that starts better habits. We all need good-natured nudges from time to time, and we all need those people in our lives to be there for as long as possible.

When every one of us takes charge of the things we can control, we can reduce the threats of colorectal cancer step by step and day by day.


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